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Lasting Power of Attorney
Only £69

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The Investment for a Lifetime

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal instrument allowing you to nominate up to 4 trusted people who would make important decisions on your behalf, should you be unable due to accident or illness. 


These people are called your Attorneys.


Create a Lasting Power of Attorney today with our simple to follow guide.

LPA-Online offers the Simplest, Clearest & Fastest way to a Lasting Power of Attorney
Professional LPA Preparation
Only £69

Used for Health Care, Medical Treatment and Where you Live decisions.

Used for Banking, Investments, Paying Bills, Buying and Selling your Home decisions.

A specialist company dedicated to the professional creation of Lasting Power of Attorney.

Delivering clients Low-Cost, High-Value access to this vital document.

LPAs for sole traders and SME business owners 

What would happen to your business if you lost the ability to deal with your own business affairs and make decisions? What if you have a business bank account in your name as a sole trader or joint bank accounts with other business owners which require the signatures of all the named account holders? How would your business finances be managed daily in the event of an accident or illness? 

Several problems could arise such as the impact on your customers’ being unable to access your products or staff and creditors not being paid.

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney could mean the difference between your business continuing or failing.

Talk to LPA-Online if you need a Business LPA.

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